Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This happened at Airtel !

I guess it's time we had "express ourself". I guess most of us would have gone through this situation at Airtel. Paying money for calls you haven't made. Man, this is out of the world. Mr. Gaurav recently paid a bill amount of Rs.850 of which in reality he had made only calls amounting to Rs. 100. As per the bill he has to pay a monthly charge of Rs.698 which only Airtel knows for what. The actual rent is only Rs.150. The poor man has been paying this for the past 4 months. What meaning does this make?
Another thing is that the Airtel people barred his outgoing as he had not payed the amount on time but after paying the bill amount they have not debarred the outgoing. What a poor service they are offering. Total rubbish. Considering the number of people using Airtel connection, i guess almost 90% would be paying the amount that the Airtel people says they have to pay because people like Mr.Gaurav and many others have been fooled to believe what Airtel says.