Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This happened in V-Mart,Cochin !

I recently along with my friend had this experience at V-Mart, Vytilla, where we were having an icecream. We were watching a Korean man (who was unfortunately disabled). He was asking for a juice at the juice counter. The man at the counter said that he had to get the bill first. The man ordered 5 juice for himself and his other Korean friends. The man gave the bill at the juice counter and waited.
By this time another boy came to handle the juice counter and the earlier one left. The poor Korean man waited- standing. An old Muslim man barged into the juice counter and ordered juice saying he wanted it fast , as he had to go. The Korean said that he ordered first but the boy at the counter did not listen to the Korean and made a juice for the old man and his fatso wife, who infact showed her real behaviour by shouting at the boy for being late. The Korean waited again and got frustrated. He felt pissed off and in the end he got his drink which happened to be the one he had not oredered for. Thanks to the good customer service. Yeah!
I hope that no other foreigner would have to go through this situation again.


jayasurya said...

adhithi devo bhava???

plainsay said...

They have more customers than they asked for and hence they simply dont care. When there is competition, naturally they fall at the feet of the customers and make all hallaballo. See when Kalyan Silks opened their shop in Kochi, how Jayalakshmi and other textiles shops fall head over heals to attract customers.

najeeb said...

i like alway because it's my birth place

blue sapphire said...

"incridible india"
"yatha raja thada praja"